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Associate Recruiting // greener pastures

As former attorneys ourselves, we know that the sweet spot for associate attorneys to make a lateral move in the job market is around 2-6 years after graduating law school. If you’re content in your current role--but are curious about making that “next best step” in your career before that window closes--then we’re ready to help you.

Confident Businessman
Law Attorney

Partner Recruiting //
bet on yourself

It takes an experienced recruiter who understands the finer details of law practice including: bill rates, originations, collections, marketing budgets and conflicts to meaningfully help a partner evaluate new opportunities. We not only have experience in helping individual partners move; we also help groups of attorneys to transition to new platforms.

In-House Recruiting //
your next level

Admit it: if you’re an attorney at any level of experience, you have probably thought about going in-house. Devoting your talent and career to one singular client can be an incredibly fulfilling professional experience. Yet, it’s not a decision to take lightly or without extensive research and comparative analysis. If you’d like guidance for an in-house search, you’ve found the right place.  

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Clapping Audience

Diversity & Inclusion Consulting //
getting it right

Are you a law firm or company that wants to truly embody and internalize a DEI ethos? If so, we can help move your DEI endeavors beyond a well-intentioned landing page (which is a good start!) and suggest concrete steps you can take to attract and retain a more diverse pool of attorneys. On the other side of the coin, if you’re an attorney interested in making a move to a firm with a real commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we can share some inside intel on which firms go beyond lip service to truly make DEI a priority.

Networking and Business Development for Lawyers //
for your new normal

Maybe you’re a lawyer who hates networking and schmoozing--we know you’re out there! Or are you worried about how the current lack of in-person networking events and happy hours will impact the development of your personal brand, your marketing efforts or your job search? As experienced business developers ourselves, let us advise you on current best practices on how to leverage multiple tools--especially social media--to get a competitive advantage in building meaningful business relationships, in a post-covid world.

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